Environmental Effects Electromagnetic

  • Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Certification, EMC/EMI, HIRF, ESD and Lightning Indirect/Direct Effects
  • Compliance with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Regulations
  • EMC/EMI review, analysis, trade studies and guidance
  • Technical Support in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electromagnetic Interferences (EMI) Design and Qualification
  • Systems and sub-systems design for EMC/EMI compliance
  • Electromagnetic reliability (EMR)
  • EMC/EMI technical program coordination
  • EMC/EMI Risk management
  • Thorough understanding of EMC standards military and commercial applications
  • Adapted solutions for Certification

Systems Design, Integration and Testing

  • Engineering Solutions for Design and Systems Integration
  • Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Testing
  • Electrical Systems Design support
  • Certification and Aircraft Safety Analysis Support
  • Test Campaigns Support
  • Test Management
  • Test Execution & Witnessing
  • Test Data Collection and Analysis
  • Investigations, Failure Analysis, Troubleshooting and Solution Proposals
  • Test Reports Issuance
  • Environmental Qualification Services for Equipment and Systems
  • Project Management, Verification & Validation (V&V) Process and Non Conformance Report (NCR) Management

Technical Documents Validation

  • Preparation, Review and Validation of Components / Equipment / Systems Technical documentation
  • Qualification Similarity Analysis Reports
  • Qualification Tests Reports, Analysis and Conformity documention
  • Test Plan Documention
  • Test Procedure Documention
  • Test Data Documentation
  • Analysis Gap Report
  • Equipment Specification Documentation
  • Technical Writer

Simulation and Modeling

  • Numerical Analysis
  •  Systems Coupling Analysis
  • Analytical Studies of Electromagnetic Phenomena
  • Electrical Wiring System Coupling
  • Systems Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulation
  • Integrated Circuits Interferences Modeling and Simulation

Research and Development (R&D)

  • Advanced Systems Design
  • Product Development
  • Software Tools Development
  • Collaborative Research and Development (R&D) activities
  • Collaboration and partnership

Training & Project Management

  • Propose Training Session in EMC/EMI Design, Compliance and Certification
  • Propose Training Session in Aircraft Systems Design
  • Support Client needs from contractual and permanent staffing to sourcing or consulting services
  • On-site Engineering Teams and Management of work-packages

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