Bircis expertise

Avionic Systems, Air Management Systems, Flight Controls, Landing Gear, Propulsion, Electrical Power Systems, Communications Systems, Integrated Circuits, Simulation, Modeling, Testing, Technical Report, DO-160, MIL-STD, SAE ARP, CISPR, IEC, EMC.

Avionic Systems

Avionic Systems, Navigation/Communication Systems, Flight Control Systems, Aircraft Electrical Power Generation & Distribution Systems, Propulsion Systems, Air Management Systems, Landing Gear Systems, Antennas Integration, Composite Structure Protection

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Compatibilité/interférence électromagnétique (EMC/EMI), tests de qualification CEM, émissions RF, susceptibilité RF, effets indirects de la foudre, effets directs de la foudre, champs rayonnés de haute intensité (HIRF), décharge électrostatique (ESD), rayonnement cosmique

Analog and digital electronics

Analog and digital electronics, Electrical Systems, Power Electronics, Power Converters, Microelectronics, Spectrum Analyzer and Vectorial Network Analyzer, RF Amplifier, Microwave, UHF, HF, RF, telecommunications, Integrated Circuits

  • Computational Electromagnetics Modelling, E3 Analysis

  • EMC Requirements Definition, Technical Qualification Reports, Complex non-compliant Electromagnetic issues, Electromagnetic Reliability

  • Standards DO-160, D0-307A, DO-363, DO-313, MIL-STD-461 / 462 / 464 / 704, SAE ARP 4754 / 4761 / 5412 / 5413 / 5415 / 5416 / 5583 / 5672, MIL-HDBK-516, CISPR, IEC

  • Electrical Wirings Interconnecting Systems, Transfer impedance, termination methods, connectors, RF Shielding, Electrical Bonding & Grounding

  • 14CFR Part 21/23/25/27/29/91 Certification, Portable Electronics Devices (PEDs), Aircraft Flight and Ground Tests

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